Month: April 2016

7 Camping Gear Items You Didn’t Even Know You Wanted (but do now)

Do you think you own enough camping gear? Does your car overflow with gear every camping trip? Ours does. Even when we think we will travel lighter on a trip, by the time the car is loaded up, there isn’t a lot of left-over space.      I suppose I like to be prepared for all sort of things when camping with our kids, so yes, it’s safe to say, I am an “over-packer”. Now, we probably have all the gear we need for family camping, built up over the years.   Not sure we need much more,  but that doesn’t...

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Cape York 2015

On one side the sea, on the other – the mountains Image by CameliaTWU Cairns is located on the east coast of Cape York Peninsula on a coastal strip between the Coral Sea and the Great Dividing Range. Just a few mates, fishing & 4wd. Video Rating: /...

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Snuggly, sleepy, SLPY review

I am a Northern lass through and through, but am not the hardiest of types. I’m what’s known in Yorkshire as nesh – that’s to say, I’m not good with the cold; soft, if you prefer. As a teenager going out I would always take a coat, as I would far rather be warm than stylish. (And I never leant it to my cold friends as they shivered while we waited of a taxi In the small hours. Smug? Me?!) Due to my aversion to the cold, one of the things I hate most about camping is those few...

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Simpson Desert Adventure! KTM 690 – Part 1 of 6

Simpson Desert Scrub Image by jwbenwell Sand waves, and Cloud waves. The plant is alive and well! In the Simpson Desert, on the French Line, SA. Australia at sunset. (Zygochloa paradoxa) We start our adventure to cross the Simpson Desert! Res Socks and Stickers! – Keytags- Tweets by...

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