Month: May 2016

Tips and Tricks to Aussie Camping

Camping can be tough for the unseasoned or non-experienced travellers. Camping in Australia, even some of the safer closer-to-home sites can be just as tough, if not more. Jim McNabb has come with some tips and tricks on how to camp and travel in Australia and the outback. In this video he explains how to deal with one of the most common and annoyingly frustrating Australian pest, the Mosquito, and how to wash up after crawling on a car and getting covered in oil and muck, diesel in particular. First off. Mosquitos. First off, Aussie mozzies don’t have malaria,...

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The Paradise Island. Tasmania

Heading to the end of the Land Down Under this video explores the island of Tasmania, starting with its capital Hobart and in its history 200 years’ prior as a British Empire penal colony named Van Diemen’s Land due to his remoteness. Though the island is now used for much more than hardened convicts it still retains its remote untamed nature. In contrast to most of the Australian mainland, Tasmania is covered in rich thick rainforests and greenery covering a rocky mountainous terrain, such as Mount Wellington rising straight above Hobart to more than 12,000 metres; the border between...

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An Adventure Through the Continent’s Heart – Outback Camping through Central Australia

We are welcomed to the heart of the Australian continent and immediately shown the breath-taking rusty red and greenish-grey landscape of the Outback, seeing some of the local wildlife along the way as we are shown some of the best campsites in the area and teased with some of the landmarks and beauties of the Land Down Under such as Uluru, only making us want to come and experience the majesty and beauty of the land ourselves. We follow in the adventure of DJ and Clyde as Intrepid Real Life Australia takes them on the authentic Aussie adventure they...

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Flinders Special ‘Lamb Roast in a Pot’

Starting with a memory of his childhood in the Flinders Rangers on how all there was to eat was lamb, lamb and woolly pig (more lamb), John Ruth shows us how to make a delicious Lamb Roast in a pot while exploring his childhood with making and preparing this meal and its ingredients, or the variants used in the day. The ingredients for this beautiful Aussie dish are can be found and bought at any supermarket or shop so you don’t have to be a bushie to make this meal. You just need a good drink, a night of...

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The Travel Diaries of Australia

The Travel Diaries of Australia showcases the city of Sydney and its surrounding areas, less focusing on the landmarks and big tourists spots but on nature, the wildlife and the food, drink, and festivities. The clip starts with by trekking through the Eucalyptus bushland to the rocky white beach for a swim in the crystal water, enjoying the company of the local lizards. Next, we experience a walk through Sydney from Begg ln to Broughton St looking at some of the shops and stores such as Acacia and Scanlan Theodore selling the best and latest fashions and accessories that...

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