Month: June 2016

Aussie Camp Cooking: Lemon Chicken

One very important thing about camping, doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re going, is your food. Most of the time you’re not going to be anywhere near a supermarket or drive through fast food restaurant, so all the food you need you will have to take with you from the start. But that shouldn’t limit your choice of foods to cans and bottles. Hell no, if you can keep your food fresh and edible for your trip, and keep it away from the wildlife then you can have a feast. A great meal to start with is...

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How to Fix the Maxtrax

A Maxtrax is an essential piece of equipment when travelling the Australian bush by car, but sometimes even when you know the rules about wheel spin someone, be it you, a travelling companion or a stranger your helping, will break the rule and will break the teeth studs of the board. As the studs are a hard foam rubber designed to bend slightly and grip the treads of car tires they can’t be repaired as they are if they are broken or melted. The best method to fixing the Maxtrax stud is to cut out the damaged stud/s and...

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How to Use the Maxtrax

When out and about in Australia it pays to be prepared for every eventuality, even if it doesn’t happen during your trip. When driving around the country in 4×4’s, there’s the chance you’re going to get stuck, and sometimes there’s not going to be anyone around to help you out. The Maxtrax is an Australian designed and made evolution to the standard traction mats used for generations. Lightweight, sturdy, easy to carry around in a vehicle and easy to use, they have a concave underside with support ridges and the ends are angled so the board can be used...

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Tips and Technique to Use the Winch

Australia is a land of beautiful but dangerous and tough terrain. Sometimes, you’re gonna get stuck or you’re gonna come across someone who’s stuck. Now depending on how the car is stuck there is several ways to get it out, but if you’re travelling in 4×4’s one of the best ways with little to no headaches is simply to use the winch. But it’s not as simple as attach and pull. Some situations are that easy but some require some strategy and some ingenuity. One example is a track in the Glass House mountains in South East Queensland where...

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How to Get Unstuck in Soft Sand

When out exploring the Australian wilds and wonders in a car, you’re bound to run into a rough spot where you get stuck. Again 4×4 or other off road cars are the best for traverse the varied terrain of Australia, but even these beasts will get stuck or swamped, even drowned. If you’re driving one of the 10,685 beaches and your car gets stuck in soft sand, the first thing to do is not panic, it never helps anyone and it wastes energy. The actual first rule of getting stuck in the sand is don’t keep spinning your wheels,...

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