Month: July 2016

Northern Territory Australia The Most Preferred Fishing Zone in World

The northern territory is a occupying a major portion of the centre and mainland of the continent. It is a federal territory. Needless to mention, that the northern territory of Australia is the most preferred fishing zone for the anglers of all around world. There are various Australia Fishing Reports that will let you know that fresh and salt water collide along its vast coastline. Many tidal rivers meet the ocean in the northern territory providing the perfect environment for fishing. From the times Daly, Victoria, Adelaide, Finniss and Mary are the rivers are some examples of the northern...

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Fishing Travel – Wilderness Island – Exmouth West Australia

Wilderness Island is an exclusive island getaway, hidden over the horizon on the eastern fringe of the Exmouth Gulf in North Western Australia. Wilderness Island is a true fishing and ecological paradise. Specialising in catering to small groups, the team at Wilderness Island Safari Holidays offer an exclusive and unforgettable experience for the adventure fisherman. In a virtually untouched environment guests can expect to experience the beauty of the Island and its surrounding waters and take part in a range of activities including fishing, diving, whale watching, snorkelling, kayaking, bird watching, exploring, star gazing or just simply relaxing. Living...

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4 Great Campfire Recipes | Camping

When it comes to camping, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Well I can tell you that the first thing that comes into my mind is a campfire/bonfire. Most people would think about toasting marshmallows and smores but little do you know, there’s definitely a whole lot more you can create with a campfire. The guys at Howcast has a video about about creating 4 great campfire recipes. In a very simple video, Howcast talks about 4 really great and simple recipes that will connect you to campers from the beginning of time. The recipes include:...

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Campsite Breakfast Recipes | Camp Food Pt.3

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and my absolute favourite. There’s nothing better than bananas and oats, blueberry pancakes, bacon and eggs early in the morning! But when you’re camping, it may seem a little difficult to balance your cereal bowl on your lap without spilling any milk. SORTEDfood Youtube channel has created this great video about campsite breakfast recipes that includes simple pancakes and corned beef hash. These guys from SORTEDfood really make a fun experience out of cooking for camping. They have energy, positive vibes and a definite skill for cooking for the outdoor....

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Tips and Trick to Four-Wheel Driving

Australia, as I’ve said before, is a large and rugged land that is hard, or downright impossible to traverse in normal cars. Because of this, there are plenty of places in every major city or the suburbs that sell Four-Wheel drive cars, and there’s plenty of veterans that can teach you to drive them. Like the other major cities, Sydney is a short distance from some of the best rugged and wild 4WD tracks in the country, such as in the Blue Mountains, less than two hours from the heart of the city. Near the Zig Zag Railway, a...

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