Month: August 2016

Goldfield bush camping. Part 1. In Wedderburn with the swag.

It’s almost summer time here in Australia which means every family is getting ready to plan their Christmas vacation. Some families go away on a cruise, some overseas but a lot will opt for the good ol’ bush camping. There’s nothing better than spending time with your family and friends on a road trip, setting up camp and bringing out the barbie. In today’s post, we found a great how-to video by gonegolding who takes us on his camping journey. This video shows the set up of a one man camper however there are tips and tricks that we...

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Bushcraft Hammock Camping

For something as simple as camping, people often take advantage of it’s simplicity and shrug it off as boring or too outdoors-y. However, with the right people and right place, you’ll find you’ll be more in touch with nature than ever as well as learning things about yourself you never thought. Things like, pitching a tent, enjoying the outdoors without reaching for your phone and cooking up a delicious meal without your kitchen essentials. In this video, I wanted to share with you guys a really simple camping hammock that you guys can recreate for your relaxation whilst on...

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Surf Fishing South Australia For Australian Salmon

I’m all for fishing on a hot Australian summer’s day and it’s even better if we get lucky on the day. Youtuber Auzziefisher9 takes us to a beautiful beach in South Australia and teaches us the ins and outs of surf fishing. Although surf fishing may be more advanced for beginners, it’s a great way to learn and gain knowledge about specific surf conditions and equipment/fishing rod needed when trying to catch some amazing salmon. It’s a great video as we are able to witness first hand through the camera what it’s like to fight powerful winds and waves....

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Cast Iron Cooking with Wild Bill – Australian & Aboriginal Bush Tucker – Camp Fire Cooking

We often forget about the traditions of Australia which is the Aboriginal culture. They were the first ones to ever step foot on this beautiful, vast land and the first to really live off the land. In this video, we’re able to learn some things from this amazing culture who found and created really great recipes from whatever was around them. ‘Adventures with Wild Kooda Bill’ is a Youtube channel I found and he created a video about¬†the different tools we can find in the Australian land to cook with. Whilst camping, it’s difficult to carry around portable ovens...

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Take The Healthy & Easy Option – Roothy Bush Cooking

There’s nothing that has been on the craze more than healthy cooking in 2016. Australians have flocked to organics and green foods all over the country, opting for a more healthy option. John Rooth has even created a healthy option for campers on the road rather than stopping by a McDonalds. For something so simple and easy, it’s a question why parents wouldn’t opt for this instead of oily, greasy chicken nuggets and fries. Make sure you check it out below and click through for more of Roothy’s...

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