Month: September 2016

Camp oven cooking fit for a king

The title of ‘Camp oven cooking fit for a king’ is enough to sway us. Anything royalty related sounds awesome to us! Today’s post features camp oven cooking which is such a staple in your camping kit – it’s a definite must have when you’re setting off into nature without your kitchen. Youtube channel, Creek to coast brings us a great reason to get a camp oven ourselves. In this video, we get to see a familiar face – John Rooth, who we’ve featured a bunch of times on our blog. He sure knows how to cook up a...

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Aussie Dinners – HOW TO COOK LAMB CHOPS – VIDEO RECIPE – Greg’s Kitchen

There’s nothing we love more than having a good Aussie dinner with our family and friends. When it’s no longer BBQ weather, a good roast is always a great idea. So we went looking for a delicious looking Aussie recipe, cooked by an Aussie! Youtube channel, Greg’s Kitchen showcases amazing lamb chops. Make sure you have some food when watching cause you won’t want to watch this whilst hungry! We love this video and recipe because it is so darn easy to make at home for either just yourself or your family. Greg gives great attention to detail when...

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Aussie Outback Survival Tip! Desert Digging Yellow Sand for Beautiful Fresh Filtered Rain Water

Reading about survival tips are one of the most interesting past times we have here! So when we saw this video about Aussie outback and digging for water, we couldn’t resist. This survival tip alone is a real life saver, especially when you’re out in the bush with no clean water to drink – this will be the one thing you need to keep in mind forever. We take the simple things for granted, things like clean water. So you may be thinking ‘why do I need to know this?’, well you can never be too prepared! Especially when...

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Everyone loves a good trip through the great Aussie outback – there’s nothing like going for a 4WD ride through bush lands with native animals and beautiful views. Youtube channel Flying the Nest take us around in one of their vlogs and show us all the great things they encounter whilst on their road trip. Vlogs are a good way to see people’s first hand experience before you decide to try it for yourself. In this particular vlog, we see a group of young explorers go on a trip together and find out more about the Aussie outback –...

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Australian River , Boat camping adventures

It’s great to enjoy Australian beaches however we’re known to have great camping locations. A lot of Aussies and tourists/backpackers who travel to Australia love exploring the lakes and rivers for a more peaceful and relaxing feel. First Light Sailing, a Youtube channel we stumbled upon, produced a video that compiles of boating and camping adventures on the rivers of New South Wales. If you have a kayak or boat, you have to take it out and go for a nice ride on the rivers of New South Wales. You may even catch some fish if you’re lucky! Follow...

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