Month: October 2016

Land based game fishing Quobba, Western Australia

Fishing is the perfect hobby, especially since Australia is starting to heat up. A lot of people choose to meditate through doing yoga, working out at the gym, lying in bed and watching a movie, however fishing is another under-rated way of meditation. Australia is filled with hundreds and thousands of fishing spots, each fish for a different season and area. We found a video for you that features fishing in Quobba, Western Australia. These guys are so down to earth and passionate about this hobby that when they do catch something, there’s joy that fills the entire room...

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Blue Mountains Heritage Walk: Grand Canyon

If you live in NSW, you’d know all about the amazing Blue Mountains hike, and if you’ve never heard of it, you need to put it on your bucket list ASAP! We highly recommend it. The Blue Mountains is not only full of breathtaking sights, it’s also the perfect place to go for a nice nature walk or intense professional hike. We found a video that talks all about the Blue Mountains trails as well as Australia’s Grand Canyon Walk. Although some tracks may seem terrifying, once you’ve made it, the sweat and sore muscles will definitely seem worth...

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Campfire Tips – Roothy Bush Cooking

We are now a month and a half away from Christmas – which means most of us will be jetting off with our families and friends on a trip. If you’ll be opting for a camping trip this summer, then we have some great tips for you! We found this great video by the classic John Rooth (our personal favourite) who shows us some great campfire tips especially for cooking. Everyone loves a great bonfire, especially one you can cook food with. An open fire will help you make traditional marshmallows or prepare an amazing meal for the family....

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Snapper on the drop – Kayak Fishing Australia

We recently found a great vlog that features fishing in Australia – perfect for this season! The reason we love vlogs is because it shows experiences and reactions from a first-hand point of view. The excitement and joy of someone successfully catching a fish is the greatest thing to watch in a vlog! We found this Youtube video by RoKKiT KiT who shows us some amazing tips ad tricks on fishing, especially fishing for snapper. The vlogging style video is put to great use in this case as the Youtuber talks us through different actions and thoughts. Be sure...

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Roothy Pesto Pork – Roothy Bush Cooking

Who doesn’t love pork? Well I know I do, especially pork cooked well and full of flavour! John Rooth brings us a succulent piece of meat cooked with amazing pesto flavours. His tips for making this perfect is to let the meat sit and absorb the flavours, marinading for a few hours. This easy and quick recipe can be served up with some veggies or rice and it will compliment almost anything! Be sure to check it out below and click through for some more amazing...

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