Month: November 2016


We always talk about the excitement and thrill about camping, however we never really touch on the topic of danger and the risks you take when travelling solo or with company when camping. There’s t he obvious risk of running into wildlife, bushfires or simply hurting yourself on a trip. So what you need are some tips to keep in mind as well as a survival kit. We found a great video by Youtube channel gunskniveswatches who posted a video that surrounds the topic of camp fire cooking survival kit. Over the next week or so, we’ll be showing...

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My Ultra Light Camp Cooking

What’s better than going on a camping adventure? Going on a camping adventure and packing light whilst you’re at it! The worst thing about camping is setting up the equipment then packing it all away again. Let’s face it – we hate this part! When we found this video by Youtube channel Bush Channel, we were excited! Their ultra light cooking equipment is definitely what we need in our camping lives. It’s so important to be able to pack light, especially if you plan on hiking over a few days. In this video, we’ll see Bush Channel show us...

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If you know about fishing, you’d have heard of Tackle World Australia – a great Youtube channel that offers countless amounts of great videos relating to fishing. Since Summer is upon us, most of us will be swarming out to the beaches with our families and friends. Some of us want to have the pleasure of seeing our families enjoy the water but also want to find the perfect catch of the day. So we’ve found a video that gives all the greatest tips about beach fishing! With the right fishing rod, line and tips up your sleeve, you’re...

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Camping Tips, Swag/Dome Tent

We’ve been looking for the best camping tip video and while we’re still searching, we found this great video that talks all about camping with a swag/dome tent. We’ve watched Youtuber Ronny Dahl before and loved his down to earth, Aussie ways. If you’re new to camping or new to swag tents, then this is the video for you. There are so many different ways to camp, out in nature, in your backyard, on a mattress, in a one man tent, in a family tent, a caravan – there’s literally hundreds of different ways that you can experience the...

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Overland Food & Camping tips part 1

Out of all the topics that we talk about here, we love nothing more than camping tips and food! It’s great to watch videos that include valuable tips, especially from people who travel and camp most of their life. We found a video by Youtuber Ronny Dahl who reveals some great outdoor travel hacks and general food tips that are great for all of us! Having first hand experience is always great as it helps enhance our getaways and leaves us feeling reassured with what we’re doing. Ronny Dahl even gives us handy tips for what equipment we need...

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