Month: December 2016

Sand Recovery Techniques – Offroad Recovery Series – BCF

Okay, so yesterday we talked about tips and tricks of off road driving for beginners. Today however, we get down and dirty to talk about recovery. This relates to ‘What do I do if I get stuck in the sand?’ BFC Australia have released a Recovery series specifically for 4WD-ing and in this video, they show how to get out of sand. When 4WD or any car for that matter gets stuck in sand, it’s so easy to get sunken further and further in. However with the right technique, we can definitely get you out of your sticky situation....

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4wd beginners tips and equipment, Off-roading for beginners

When people hear of 4WD, it can be kind of intimidating right? The thought of driving a big car onto thick patches of wood and grass or on the beach – you really think of the worse possible case scenario right? You can get stuck in the middle of no where with no one around to help you. But it’s really a lot of fun! So how can you go 4WD-ing, have the fun with minimal risk? Well we found this awesome video by Ronny Dahl who gives us tips and tricks of the trade for beginners! He breaks...

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Italian Meat Balls – Roothy Bush Cooking

Who doesn’t love meatballs?! Quick and easy to prepare and make and even more delicious to eat. John Rooth shows off his Italian cooking expertise and creates this beautiful recipe of Italian meatballs. Using cooking utensils that are made for camping and the outdoors, it’s a wonder how he makes everything so effortlessly. Watch as Roothy and his mate Paul Read whip up some amazing food in a slow cooker. It’s really simple and you can definitely do it yourself at home. Fancy it up with some pasta and extra sauce or have it on the go by putting...

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My Hammock Camping Rant – Complaints, Issues and Resolutions

There are so many different types of camping but have you ever heard of hammock camping? That’s right – no mattress, no sleeping bag but a hammock! It’s really the perfect way to sleep in this unbearable heat that Australia is having. Although it’s hot during the day, at night time, the breeze really helps make sleeping easier. We found this great video that dissects the pros and cons of hammock camping. Youtuber Kdawgcrazy goes in depth about his experience with hammock camping and what you should/shouldn’t do if deciding to take this on board. It’s an awesome alternative...

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MAXTRAX ,10 ways to use Maxtrax 4×4 tips

      MAXTRAX ,10 ways to use Maxtrax 4×4 tips. The title says it all, we briefly show you 10 ways you can use your Maxtrax or Recovery Boards. Keep in mind if you have the cheap copy’s some of these 10 ways will more than likely break your recovery boards. Find us at the links below: Website: Facebook: Google plus: Please Subscribe: For more details, Off Road information & Videos visit Video Rating: /...

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