Month: January 2017

Best Camping Hacks 2016 Expo Best Ideas Tips And Tricks.

2016 has introduced us to a lot of new innovative equipment for camping – things that only make camping easier! We found a video on Youtube by Neil Colston The Comic Chef who talks about the best camping hacks of 2016. There’s nothing better than learning more about camping, especially if you’re new to the activity. There are things that we may forget about as we’re busy packing and preparing for such a trip. These hacks will definitely make your trip more memorable and easier so watch the video below and be sure to click through for more awesome...

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Pulled Pork Burgers – Bush Cooking 4WD Action

If you’re new to pulled pork, then you have been living under a rock! Pulled pork has become quite the food trend and has been introduced as a slow cook, beautifully marinated meat. So how can we make pulled pork whilst at camp? Seems almost impossible with all the technical aspects involved right? Wrong! Youtube channel 4WD Action shows us a delicious recipe for pulled pork burgers – sounds incredible right? You have to watch this video because the end product is so mouth-watering. Watch the video below and click through for more amazing outdoor videos like this...

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Cape York 2013 – 4×4 trip via the Old Telegraph Track

Cape York is known as the top of Australia, its humid and perfect for outdoor activity – which means 4×4 driving! In today’s post, we talk about the Old Telegraph Track in Cape York which is highly recommended for those who wants to experience a great off-road driving trip. Set next to a camping site, it’s definitely a hot spot for lovers of nature and taking your 4WD for an awesome long drive. You have to watch this video to know how intense the track can get – if you decide to do this track, make sure your ride...

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Baffle Creek Caravan Park, One of Queensland’s best fishing destinations.

We are constantly on the look out for new fishing spots – it can be hard reading forums online as, let’s be honest, people don’t like to share their amazing fishing spots that they’ve found! So we went looking for videos – hard proof that shows us the top fishing spots around Australia. In today’s post, the spot is in Baffle Creek, Queensland. It’s rated one of the best fishing spots in the area where you can find barramundi and jack without having to worry about crocodiles (phew!). If you’re ever in Baffle Creek, Queensland, you have to check...

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Camp Cooking 3 Easy Meals

Hooray for another bush cooking video! Australians sure love to be outdoors and more than that, we love our food – so today’s post features Ronny Dahl’s 3 Easy Meals when camping. That’s definitely what you need when going camping – with all the chaos that’s happening with setting up tents and other bits and pieces, a good and easy meal is perfect to top off a busy day of settling in. The 3 meals that Ronny shows us include a tuna pasta salad, can food mix up and banana chocmellows – a great mix of entree, main and...

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