Month: February 2017

Jim’s tips and tricks for camping in the Australian Outback.

Let’s bring it back to basics and talk about the great Australian Outback. Australia is known for it’s amazing landscapes, empty space for people to camp and beautiful nature. It’s always great to revisit the basic tips and tricks for outback camping – there’s so much for us to learn that there’s never enough videos we can watch! Different people have different experiences when outback camping, so Jim McNabb, Youtuber, has created a relatable video for anyone who is interested in the art of outback camping. There are various things we need to be wary of and take into...

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GoPro HD | The Kimberley, Western Australia | Barramundi Fishing

When we think of Western Australia, most of us think of desert and heat. Little do we know, it’s an amazing location to fish! Think of the Kimberley, Australia’s very well-known location. We found a great Youtube video by J0shWalker who films with his GoPro and shows us their adventures whilst fishing for the amazing barramundi using lures! It’s such an amazing short video of a group of friends enjoying what Australia has to offer. Be sure to check it out below – this is a great POV video with real people and real...

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Lord Howe Island Australia Fishing – IFISH Full episode

Australia is such a prime location for fishing – there are hundreds of places that offer different species, from bream to flathead, kingfish to shark, tuna to salmon. The secret to this is finding the right places, having the correct equipment and definitely good quality bait. In today’s post, we have a great video, full length and detailed! Youtube channel ifishtv show us a great fishing spot in Lord Howe Island which is situated off Australia’s East Coast. Here, you can find the boys tackle on some beautiful kingfish, and the Green Block Wrasse. This is a 40 minute...

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Camping Recipe: Devilled Sausages

Ooh we are excited about today’s post! Every Aussie loves a good sausage feast but have you ever heard of devilled sausages? Neither have we! Youtube channel, Intents Offroad creates a recipe perfect for camping trips and it all looks, sounds and taste (we think!) delicious. This is really the best recipe for camping with your family, or the boys and you want to crack open a few beers! It’s a simple meal and requires a camping oven. Be sure to check it out below and make sure you click through as these guys offer great videos on off-roading...

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South Australia King George Whiting Squid Fishing

Fishing for fish in general is a great hobby however there are thousands and thousands of different sea species in the ocean that can be legally caught and served up as a delicacy. Squid is one of those creatures! In today’s post, we feature a video in South Australia where people catch King George whiting and calamari! We all associate calamari when we’re at a fish market or seafood basket and they are amazing! So what’s more better than that? Absolutely fresh calamari fished straight out of the ocean. This is definitely a video we highly recommend you watch...

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