Month: March 2017

Campfire Tips – Roothy Bush Cooking

Let’s take it back to basics and have John Rooth show us some campfire tips. It’s always a good idea to relearn tips and hacks on using campfire when out in the bush. There are multiple risks you take when deciding to have open flame near trees and plants so this video is the perfect video for you before you go on your trip. A part from having fun toasting marshmellows, we always have to be ready for everything that may occur with an open flame. So be sure to watch the video out...

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Australia – The Blue Mountains – Three Sisters & Scenic World

In comparison to countries above the equator, winter is not a big deal however to Australians, it seems like we have more fun in summer. But, not a lot of people know about the great things we can do in winter as most of us are cuddled up into bed with hot chocolate and Netflix by the time the sun goes down. So here is a video that’ll get you exploring Australia during winter! The Blue Mountains is the perfect spot to hike or go on nature walks and experience the beautiful nature that the mountains has to offer....

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Snapper on the drop – Kayak Fishing Australia

Just because winter is drawing near, doesn’t mean the adventure stops! Different season means different breed and species of fish, so grab your rod and bait and let’s go fishing! Youtuber RoKKit Kit creates a vlog based video for us of him on his kayak in Kingscliff. He uses a special fishing rod to catch snapper which can be served as a delicious dinner! Check out this awesome video below for action packed fishing and follow him on his journey to catch up some beautiful...

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Apple, Beetroot and Walnut Salad – Roothy Bush Cooking

Yes! You can eat healthy even when you’re out in the wilderness and John Rooth has proven it to us. If you’re sick of steak, pork chops, lamb chops and sausages, then this is what you need in your recipe list. Apple, beetroot and walnut salad can be eaten on it’s own or served with a main meal. Sometimes, you just need something refreshing and healthy in your body to feel good about yourself so this is definitely the go to! John Rooth creates a salad that can be altered to your liking, apple for sweetness, beetroot for a...

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Top 10 Camping Hacks

Camping can be a tricky situation for all of us! From the creepy crawlies to being in the wilderness, from no place to do your business to being on strange land, we have our top 10 camping hacks that we wish we knew back in the day! The first one will rescue your breakfast needs whilst out fighting Mother Nature! Packing eggs in it’s original casing is probably not the wisest idea when driving along bumpy roads. Instead, crack open 8 eggs or 6 large eggs and put them into a water bottle – you’ll be serving up delicious...

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