Month: April 2017


When people travel to Australia, Sydney and Melbourne are probably the two most popular choices to visit – they’re usually filled with popular restaurants, clubs, pubs and weekend events. Not very often do you hear people wanting to explore Adelaide over Sydney/Melbourne so we wanted to change your perception on this little city. Adelaide has over 1.2 million people residing there (as opposed to 4.2 million in Sydney). You’ll definitely find that there are towns with only a few hundred people and it’s probably why a lot of people don’t find any activities there. We found this great short...

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The hardest off road route in Australia – CREB Track

Who loves a challenge? Australians are very much into their sports, especially outdoor activities. Although off-roading doesn’t burn as many calories as running a marathon, it’s still a very popular outdoor activity that Aussies love to participate in. We decided to search up some of Australia’s hardest off-road tracks and found a video uploaded by AdventureTeam. If you’re in for a thrill, make sure you check out the Creb Track in Cape York! For for a rough drive in all the dips and hills and have an adventure. Check out the short video below for a taste of the track – be sure to click through for more awesome...

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Fishing 101: For Beginners

Here at Micks Gone Bush, we love nothing more than to provide knowledge and secrets about camping, bush cooking, Australian travel, off road driving and fishing. Today, we’re going to talk about fishing 101 for beginners. As with everything else we do in life, we need to practice in order to be better and fishing definitely falls into that category. Different fish need different equipment, are found in different locations and need special attention. So today, we’re going to start with a very popular breed of fish – Yellowfin Bream. Here are our top tips for catching bream for...

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Camping Tips: Winter Edition

Winter is seemingly around the corner, we’ve been hit pretty hard with cold winds and low temperatures but that’s not to stop us from camping outdoors! It’s usually cold as soon as the sun sets then freezing again when you wake up in the morning. This blog post provides you with clever camping tips for winter so if you plan on tackling the cold weather, be sure to read on! Sleeping bags Ensure you’re investing in a good quality, thick and camping proof sleeping bag – whether you’re camping in summer or winter, this is a top priority. Don’t...

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For many people, especially those from big cities, camping is one of the greatest ways of enjoying the great outdoors. Just you, your friends and nature, far from all the crowds, daily stress and working duties. But as relaxing as it sounds, camping can easily turns into a natural nightmare. DON”T LET IT TURN INTO A NIGHTMARE! Instead, check out these 25 camping hacks that are truly genius. S Video Rating: /...

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