Month: May 2017

How to catch Sydney Harbour bream

If you tuned into our last fishing post, we showed you an awesome video of some fellas catching whiting on the Sydney harbour. This time, we have some other guys telling us the techniques to catching bream! Bream is one of the most popular fish caught however it’s definitely hard to catch it when you’re new to the fishing game. In this video, the guys from fishingworld use lures and teach us their ways of catching bream. So this video is a great one to catch if you want to know more about Sydney harbour...

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Whiting Fishing Sydney Harbour

Sydney is known mostly for it’s hustle and bustle, the beautiful Opera House and the Harbour Bridge – a lot of tourist would come, take photos and leave for the most part. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are great fishing spots along the harbour (just double check as not every spot is open for fishing, you could get fined!). In today’s post, we’ll show you a video that explores those spots on the Sydney harbour fishing for some beautiful whiting! Make sure you check it below because fish could be your next...

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Tasty Breakfast – Spanish Omelette – Roothy Bush Cooking

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it’s also our most enjoyable! We love waking up, slipping out from our sleeping bags and smelling breakfast through the tents. There’s really nothing better than having an incredibly cooked breakfast to start a camping day. People would usually go easy and do cereal (which isn’t that much fun), others opt for a barbequed breakfast but in today’s post, Roothy whips up an amazing Spanish omelette. Just imagine the smell from those beautiful Spanish spices waking up in the morning! Check it out...

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Boerewors Meatballs – Roothy Bush Cooking

Meatballs come in all different shapes and sizes, but more importantly, it comes in hundreds of different forms of flavours and variations. From beef to pork to chicken, tomato, basil, barbeque – there’s so many different ways to cook meatballs but there’s only so many ways you could make it whilst away at camp! Bush cooking meatballs can tend to be a little difficult – from rolling the mince to flavouring and marinating the meat. In this post, Roothy creates boerewors meatballs which are are type of sausage originated from South Africa. You can eat this with pasta, with...

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LowRange Lasagne (NOT) – Roothy Bush Cooking

Have you ever tried making pasta whilst camping? It’s one of those meals that need multiple pots and a proper kitchen set up but of course, Roothy is one that has given us hope to making pasta whilst in the middle of nowhere! This recipe is basically a one pot wonder – meat and beautiful pasta with gorgeous sauce! You’ll want this in your belly as soon as you see the video – we promise! Just watch the video below and...

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