Month: June 2017

Camping: The 10 Essentials (plus other tips!)

Learning new things is always a favourite of ours. Especially when it comes to camping – you’re always able to take on new tips, tricks and advice to enhance your camping experience. We found a great video that outlines 10 awesome camping tricks that will make life easier! If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to share them in the comment box below! There’s nothing we like more than starting a conversation and giving input and...

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Family Camping Tips – GO Outdoors

Lets face it, camping with little ones is never easy. Doing things in general with little kids are always harder than going solo however it definitely makes experiences a lot more fun and fresh. When it comes to camping and children, you need to be extra cautious about where you camp, your surroundings, comfort and the foods you bring. GO Outdoors has created a video that outlines how your family can go camping and have fun while doing it. Be sure to check out these great family camping tips below and click through for more...

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How to camp in (easy) comfort with camp fridges, furniture, bedding and cooking – Ray’s Outdoors

When it comes to camping, comfort is the one thing that turns people off. How can you possibly be comfortable sleeping on a blown up mattress, or on the floor with sticks and leaves poking into your back? In this day and age, everything and anything is possible so we’ve found an innovative video that allows you to create comfort whilst camping with your family. This video also includes other camping equipment that can make cooking easier when...

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Australian Bush Tucker: Ferns as a Food Source Part 1

It’s always good to learn about what you can and can’t eat out there in the wild. While some are poisonous and lethal, there are others that can save your life in moments of emergencies. This video states clearly that you must do your research before eating anything that is unknown – so please be aware of this and ask before you digest because it can ultimately lead to death! Seriousness aside, this video shows types of ferns that can be used as a food source which is very interesting for those living out in the...

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Catch & Cook: Barrkara (Bush Turkey)

It’s such an incredible feeling when cooking food that you’ve obtained on your own. Being in the great Aussie outback means having the freedom to prep and cook your own meals whilst enjoying the fresh air and nature’s beauty. We found this great video by Youtube channel Indigenous Community Television that shows a catch and cook episode on bush turkey! Bet you’ve never seen this before. Have your fires ready for this...

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