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Camp Cooking 3 Easy Meals

As human beings, all we want in life is for things to be easy, quick and convenient – this definitely applies when we go camping as well! What’s better than having a simple meal to whip up for the family AND have the added bonus for affordability? Check out the following video for 3 extremely quick and easy meals that include tuna pasta salad, can food mix up and banana chocmellows – yes that’s a full 3 course dinner right there!...

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Bushcraft Survival Australia – Wild Edibles

This is one we’ve never done before! Do you watch movies and see people who are trying to survive in the wild by eating flowers and plants?! I’ve seen this a lot and always wondered how they know which ones are poisonous. Although an extremely rare situation, watching the following video may save your life if you’re ever stuck in an isolated circumstance with no food. We found this exciting and interesting video about surviving the bush lands in Australia by eating wild edibles! This you need to see so check it out...

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Campfire Cooking Outback Chinese Chicken – The Aussie Bush Cook

There have been times when I’ve been out camping and have a strange craving for good ol’ Chinese food. However when camping, we’re often limited to products such as meats and veggies that can easily go off if not used within the proper time frame. Sticking to canned meals and charcoal BBQ is the best way to go but what happens when you have a strong craving? We found this great Youtube channel, AussieBushCook who creates a quick and easy Outback Chinese Chicken recipe that we can all recreate when we’re out camping. You can easily change up the...

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Explore Hamilton Island

When people ask me what the best thing to do in Australia when they visit is, I always suggest the Great Barrier Reef. I always hear people complaining that the tours are too expensive, everything costs money etc, however, if you’re travelling to Hamilton Island and you don’t go scuba diving in the Reef, you’re truly missing out! Here are my top 5 must do/see when you visit Hamilton Island: Snorkelling & Diving: You MUST do this when you are in Hamilton Island. The Great Barrier Reef stretches over 2000kms of marine wonderland. What you see underwater will blow...

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When people hear of the Gold Coast, most of us immediately think of all the awesome theme parks and water parks we can visit. However, little do people know, it’s such a great location for fishing as well! We found a great video of some fishermen who throw their line into the ocean off of their boat and reel in some dinner. It’s so amazing to see what can be found in the ocean, especially if you have the luxury of deep sea fishing. If you have a kayak, it’s best to stick to lakes and rivers as you...

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