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An Epic Adventure: The Australian Outback’s Ultimate Off-Road Test |

If you love extreme sports and own a 4WD, then off-road driving is definitely for you. Off-roading is driving a vehicle off the road and on other rocky surfaces such as sand, mud, snow, rocks etc. It is considered dangerous if you don’t have the right equipment or if you don’t know how to get out of trouble if stuck. We always recommend doing thorough research before partaking in an activity such as off-road driving. The following video shows an epic adventure in Australia’s great outback! Be sure to watch and enjoy...

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Off-road Outback, Kennedy Range Expedition

We found a great mini-series uploaded to Youtube by Ronny Dahl that focuses on off-road driving in the outback of Australia. This expedition starts from the Gascoyne river to the Kennedy Range to Mt Augustus which just so happens to be the biggest rock in the world. These spots spread across the beautiful Western Australia outback. Below is just part 1 of 3, so check this out and be sure to check out part 2 and 3 as...

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The hardest off road route in Australia – CREB Track

Who loves a challenge? Australians are very much into their sports, especially outdoor activities. Although off-roading doesn’t burn as many calories as running a marathon, it’s still a very popular outdoor activity that Aussies love to participate in. We decided to search up some of Australia’s hardest off-road tracks and found a video uploaded by AdventureTeam. If you’re in for a thrill, make sure you check out the Creb Track in Cape York! For for a rough drive in all the dips and hills and have an adventure. Check out the short video below for a taste of the track – be sure to click through for more awesome...

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Cape York 2013 – 4×4 trip via the Old Telegraph Track

Cape York is known as the top of Australia, its humid and perfect for outdoor activity – which means 4×4 driving! In today’s post, we talk about the Old Telegraph Track in Cape York which is highly recommended for those who wants to experience a great off-road driving trip. Set next to a camping site, it’s definitely a hot spot for lovers of nature and taking your 4WD for an awesome long drive. You have to watch this video to know how intense the track can get – if you decide to do this track, make sure your ride...

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Britz Australia 4WD Safety Video

4WD is becoming such a popular activity in Australia however a lot of people simply have the car and decide to go off-roading. This is a huge mistake and can be extremely dangerous. Before you go off-roading, be sure to do your research and watch some videos that detail all the potential risks you are taking when 4WD-ing. We found this great video by Tourism Holidays Limited who shoe us a great description of 4DW-ing in Australia and what you should know before enjoying this outdoor...

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