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Snow Australia – Perisher

If you live in NSW you’d know that Perisher experienced some early snow this year for winter which means those snow holidays with your family are in full effect. Perisher is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest snow resort with the highest terrain, greatest number of lifts and most reliable snow. From Sydney or Melbourne, Perisher is a good 5-6 hour drive, so just be aware of this before heading off! The following video we found on Youtube shows Perisher off and it’ll definitely entice you to come around this winter...

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Australia’s Northern Territory: From Oceans to Outback

A lot of tourists that come to Australia often see a bit of farmland and think this is the great outback and refrain from travelling further to explore this. To explore the proper outback, you need to check out beautiful Darwin. The Northern Territory is known mostly for Uluru and it’s sparsity of population that live across the state, despite it’s enormous land. Youtube channel Wanderlust Magazine delves into the beautiful Northern Territory and explores the World Heritage Kakadu National Park which is the largest park in Australia. Visit the home of the nation’s most spiritually connected area with...

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Explore Hamilton Island

When people ask me what the best thing to do in Australia when they visit is, I always suggest the Great Barrier Reef. I always hear people complaining that the tours are too expensive, everything costs money etc, however, if you’re travelling to Hamilton Island and you don’t go scuba diving in the Reef, you’re truly missing out! Here are my top 5 must do/see when you visit Hamilton Island: Snorkelling & Diving: You MUST do this when you are in Hamilton Island. The Great Barrier Reef stretches over 2000kms of marine wonderland. What you see underwater will blow...

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Driving from Sydney to the Australian Snowy Mountains and Lake Jindabyne

As a Sydney sider, we don’t experience much snow at all – the first time I saw snow in my life was just last year. We visited Jindabyne last June, it was a 6-hour drive. It was well worth it though. The snow is such a great place to bring your family and friends as not only are you able to experience the beautiful log cabins offered on site, you also have the opportunity to snowboard, skiing and finally build the snowman of your dreams. Watch the below video of some amazing driving footage from Sydney to Australia’s Snowy Mountains and...

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Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains region, Australia

Let’s talk about exploring caves. If you’ve never gone to a cave before, you’re truly missing out. Put aside bats and fear of the dark, if you’re going to the Blue Mountains, you need to visit the Jenolan Caves in Australia. These caves are known to be the oldest caves on Earth standing at a whopping 340 million years old in the making. It’s quite an incredible force of nature that is still standing strong on our nation today. When you visit the Blue Mountains, we highly recommend the trail hikes to see the beautiful Three Sisters, Wentworth Falls as...

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