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Catch and Cook – Freedive Handspear

For those of you who are interested in spear fishing, this one’s for you. It’s a great ancient¬†way of catching fish and can be a lot of fun as well. It requires less equipment than your normal everyday fishing off a pier or boat and requires a lot of patience. In this video, we show you a free dive spear fishing for an amazing 40cm herring fish. The talented man also sits on the serene beach and cooks up this beautiful piece of fish for dinner. It’s such a great way to enjoy the outdoors! Be sure to watch...

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Catching Yabbies to Cook – Bush Cooking Style

If you’ve gone crabbing before, you need to throw yabbies into the mix! If you’ve never caught or eaten yabbies before, you are missing out on seafood life. We found this great video of a man in Victoria catching yabbies from a private dam – this will be a great video for those who want to start exploring different seafoods and sea creatures. It’s also a great thing you can throw into your bush cooking activities! Just a quick note on this video, he is fishing from a private dam – so do your research beforehand! Also, there are...

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How to catch Sydney Harbour bream

If you tuned into our last fishing post, we showed you an awesome video of some fellas catching whiting on the Sydney harbour. This time, we have some other guys telling us the techniques to catching bream! Bream is one of the most popular fish caught however it’s definitely hard to catch it when you’re new to the fishing game. In this video, the guys from fishingworld use lures and teach us their ways of catching bream. So this video is a great one to catch if you want to know more about Sydney harbour...

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Whiting Fishing Sydney Harbour

Sydney is known mostly for it’s hustle and bustle, the beautiful Opera House and the Harbour Bridge – a lot of tourist would come, take photos and leave for the most part. What a lot of people don’t know is that there are great fishing spots along the harbour (just double check as not every spot is open for fishing, you could get fined!). In today’s post, we’ll show you a video that explores those spots on the Sydney harbour fishing for some beautiful whiting! Make sure you check it below because fish could be your next...

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When people hear of the Gold Coast, most of us immediately think of all the awesome theme parks and water parks we can visit. However, little do people know, it’s such a great location for fishing as well! We found a great video of some fishermen who throw their line into the ocean off of their boat and reel in some dinner. It’s so amazing to see what can be found in the ocean, especially if you have the luxury of deep sea fishing. If you have a kayak, it’s best to stick to lakes and rivers as you...

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