There is nothing like a camp oven damper. Watch on and see how Scott works his magic.


“Scotty cooks up a Damper on the open fire in a Camp Oven. Well over 30 years ago I cooked my first Damper on the open fire and yes burnt the bum of the Damper and it was uncooked in the middle. I picked up a copy of Jack & Reg Absalom Outback Cooking in the Camp Oven and I never looked back its full of great cooking tips on camp cooking, Thanks Jack & Reg. How to cook a Damper in a Camp Oven will you the simple steps to get a great result every time. Hope you enjoy this video and learn a few tips & tricks along the way. Please share it with your friend and subscribe to The Hook and The Cook You tube channel for the latest videos on Fishing & Cooking. Thanks, Regards Scotty & Paul.”