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2" Round Led Worklamp 9-36v, 10w, 1 Led, 1,000 Lum

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2" Round LED Worklamp 9-36V, 10W, 1 LED, 1,000 Lumens is a high-performance illumination solution perfect for various work environments. This versatile lamp has a black housing spot beam design, which ensures robustness and longevity.

Key Features

  • High Intensity: With 1,000 lumens, this LED worklamp provides outstanding brightness, making your work environment safer and more efficient.
  • Energy Efficient: Operating at just 10W, this worklamp gives you superior light output without consuming excessive energy.
  • Wide Operating Voltage: This lamp can smoothly operate within a wide voltage range (9-36V), accommodating different power supplies and setups.
  • Robust Design: Enclosed in a black housing, this LED worklamp is designed to withstand harsh conditions making it an ideal choice for most work environments.
  • Spot Beam: The spot beam pattern of this lamp ensures focused light output, essential for detailed tasks.

Why Choose The 2" Round LED Worklamp?

Compared to traditional lighting solutions, this 2" Round LED Worklamp stands out due to its high lumens output, energy efficiency, and robust design. Whether you're working in a garage, construction site, or roadside, this LED worklamp offers you reliable and powerful lighting that helps improve visibility and efficiency. Make the smart switch today and experience the difference.