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30kVA Cummins OzPower OZGPC28S: Reliable Standby Power Solution

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by OzPower
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Introducing the 30kVA Cummins OzPower OZGPC28S, a cost-effective and dependable alternative to mainstream brands for standby and low-duty-cycle applications. This generator features an engine based on Japanese and European design, coupled with a high-quality AC brushless alternator for stringent voltage regulation and low Total Harmonic Distortion.

Here's why the OZGPC28S is a standout choice:

  • Powered by a reliable Cummins engine
  • Equipped with high-quality AC brushless alternators for stringent voltage regulation
  • Undergoes rigorous pre-delivery and inspection process by qualified technicians
  • Fuel run time of 24 hours for long-lasting performance
  • Dimensions of 2.45m x 1.08m x 1.865m and weighs 1350 kg

Whether it's for standby or low-duty-cycle applications, the 30kVA Cummins OzPower OZGPC28S is your reliable and efficient power solution.