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Shipping Australia Wide

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Bendix BS1371 Brake Shoes for Various Toyota Models

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by Bendix
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Introducing the Bendix Brake Shoes BS1371, designed to fit various Toyota models including Corsa, HiAce, and Hilux. These brake shoes are specifically engineered for Australian conditions, providing a reliable and cost-effective replacement option.

Key Features:

  • Leading Braking Innovator: Bendix is committed to advancing technical knowledge and rigorously tests its products under local driving conditions, ensuring superior performance.
  • Trusted Quality: Bendix Brake Shoes are formulated and thoroughly tested for all driving conditions, delivering consistent and reliable performance.
  • Pure Stopping Power: Outperforming other brake shoes in lifespan, noise reduction, dust reduction, and pure stopping power, especially in extreme driving conditions.
  • Triple Tested Quality Control: Bendix introduces a Triple Tested quality control system to ensure high standards with every product.
  • Noise Test: Bendix Brake Shoes excel in noise reduction, providing a quieter and smoother driving experience compared to leading competitors.

Suitable for the following vehicle models:

Toyota Corsa, HiAce, and Hilux including various engine codes, chassis numbers, and body types. Please check the Compatible Vehicles tab for more detailed fitment information.

Fitment information
  • Toyota Corsa 1994 1.5L l4
  • Toyota Corsa 1993 1.5L l4
  • Toyota Corsa 1992 1.5L l4
  • Toyota Corsa 1991 1.5L l4
  • Toyota Corsa 1990 1.5L l4
  • Toyota Dyna 2004 3.0L l4
  • Toyota Dyna 2003 3.0L l4
  • Toyota Dyna 2002 3.0L l4
  • Toyota Dyna 2001 3.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1985 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1984 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1983 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1983 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1983 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1982 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1982 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1982 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1981 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1981 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1981 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1980 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1980 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1980 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1979 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1979 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1979 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1978 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1978 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1977 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1977 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1985 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1984 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1983 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1983 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1983 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1982 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1982 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1981 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1981 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1980 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1980 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1979 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1979 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1978 1.6L l4
  • Toyota Hilux 1978 2.0L l4

II H10, II H20, II H30, III N30, III N40, IV N50, L40, Y200

Chassis numbers

EL43*, LH20, LH30, LN55, LY240, RH11*, RH20, RH30, RH32, RN30, RN31, RN39, RN40, RN41

Engine codes

12R, 18R-C, 5E-FE, 5L, L

Body types
  • Bus
  • Cargo Van
  • Crew Cab Pickup
  • Hatchback
  • Standard Cab Pickup
  • SUV