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Shipping Australia Wide

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Bendix DB1481-4WD Brake Pad for 4WD and SUV

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by Bendix
SKU DB1481-4WD

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Upgrade your 4WD or SUV with the Bendix 4WD And SUV Brake Pad DB1481-4WD, specifically formulated to deliver exceptional performance both on and off the road. Here's why this brake pad stands out:

  • Low noise and low dust formulation for a cleaner, quieter drive
  • Reduced brake fade at high temperatures, ensuring reliable braking under extreme conditions
  • Unique Titanium Stripe and EPR manufacturing for extra strength, higher friction, and greater heat resistance

Designed for extreme conditions, the Bendix 4WD/SUV pads have been rigorously tested under laboratory conditions to ensure they can handle the toughest terrains. These brake pads are built to withstand heat build-up from heavy city traffic, towing, and outback driving, providing you with peace of mind no matter where your adventure takes you.

Engineered with vehicle-specific materials, this brake pad is a perfect match for a wide range of 4WDs, all-wheel drives, and SUVs. Whether you drive a heavy 4WD or a soft road model, Bendix 4WD/SUV pads are developed for optimum performance, ensuring confident braking and durability.

Compatible with various Honda models, including Accord, Civic, Integra, and CR-V, the Bendix 4WD And SUV Brake Pad DB1481-4WD delivers the reliability and performance you need for your vehicle.

Upgrade your braking experience and take on any terrain with confidence using the Bendix 4WD And SUV Brake Pad DB1481-4WD.

Fitment information
  • Honda Accord 2008 2.4L l4
  • Honda Accord 2007 2.4L l4
  • Honda Accord 2006 2.4L l4
  • Honda Accord 2005 2.4L l4
  • Honda Accord 2004 2.4L l4
  • Honda Accord 2003 2.4L l4
  • Honda Accord 2002 2.4L l4
  • Honda Civic 2022 1.5L l4
  • Honda Civic 2022 1.8L l4
  • Honda Civic 2021 1.5L l4
  • Honda Civic 2021 1.8L l4
  • Honda Civic 2020 1.5L l4
  • Honda Civic 2020 1.8L l4
  • Honda Civic 2019 1.5L l4
  • Honda Civic 2019 1.8L l4
  • Honda Civic 2018 1.5L l4
  • Honda Civic 2018 1.8L l4
  • Honda Civic 2017 1.5L l4
  • Honda Civic 2017 1.8L l4
  • Honda Civic 2016 1.5L l4
  • Honda Civic 2016 1.8L l4
  • Honda CR-V 2007 2.4L l4
  • Honda CR-V 2006 2.4L l4
  • Honda CR-V 2005 2.4L l4
  • Honda CR-V 2004 2.4L l4
  • Honda CR-V 2003 2.4L l4
  • Honda CR-V 2002 2.4L l4
  • Honda CR-V 2001 2.4L l4


Chassis numbers

CL9, FC1, FC6, FK4, FK5, RD7

Engine codes

K24A1, K24A3, L15B7, R18Z1

Body types
  • Hatchback
  • Sedan
  • SUV