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Shipping Australia Wide

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Bendix General CT Brake Pad DB1251GCT - High Performance Ceramic Brake Pad

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by Bendix

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A general purpose passenger vehicle brake pad for everyday driving, the Bendix General CT Brake Pad DB1251GCT is designed to deliver a superior braking experience. With innovative features and advanced technology, this brake pad offers:

  • STEALTH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Provides whisper quiet braking, virtually eliminates noise and vibration, and ensures silky smooth operation with noticeably less dust.
  • CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY: Utilizes the latest friction technology for improved stopping performance, low dust, low rotor wear, and enhanced durability.
  • BLUE TITANIUM STRIPE: Offers sure stopping right out of the box with no bedding-in required, providing instant pedal feel from the first stop.
  • FIBRE IMPREGNATED RUBBER STEEL SHIMS: Features Noise Absorbing Shims for reduced transmission of vibration and noise during extreme braking.
  • VIBRATION AND HARSHNESS CONTROL: Engineered and tested to eliminate noise and vibration for a smoother driving experience.
  • DESIGNED FOR PASSENGER VEHICLES: Specifically tailored for general purpose usage, providing a more consistent pedal feel.
  • WIDE RANGE: With more than 500 references available, it covers the majority of Light, Small, Medium, and Large vehicles.
  • OE LOGBOOK SERVICING: Appropriate for logbook servicing when installed by qualified staff to the vehicle manufacturers' specifications.

Suitable for various vehicle models including Daimler XJ 40/81, Daimler Sovereign, Jaguar Daimler XJ 3.2 X308, XJ 40, XJ 81, X300, X330, and more. Check the Compatible Vehicles tab for detailed fitment information.

Fitment information
  • Daimler Sovereign 1994 4.0L l6
  • Daimler Sovereign 1993 4.0L l6
  • Daimler Sovereign 1992 4.0L l6
  • Daimler Sovereign 1991 4.0L l6
  • Daimler Sovereign 1990 4.0L l6
  • Daimler Sovereign 1989 4.0L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 2003 3.2L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 2003 4.0L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 2002 3.2L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 2002 4.0L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 2001 3.2L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 2001 4.0L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 2000 3.2L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 2000 4.0L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 1999 3.2L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 1999 4.0L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 1998 3.2L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 1998 4.0L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 1997 3.2L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 1997 4.0L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1997 4.0L V8
  • Jaguar XJ 1996 4.0L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1995 4.0L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1994 3.2L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1994 4.0L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1993 3.2L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1993 4.0L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1992 3.2L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1992 4.0L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1991 3.2L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1991 4.0L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1990 3.2L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1990 4.0L l6
  • Jaguar XJ 1989 4.0L l6

X300, X308, X330, XJ40, XJ81

Chassis numbers

X300, X308, X330, XJ40, XJ81

Engine codes


Body types
  • Sedan