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Shipping Australia Wide

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Bendix General CT Brake Pad - Improved Performance and Quiet Operation

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by Bendix

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A general purpose passenger vehicle brake pad for everyday driving. The Bendix General CT Brake Pad is designed to deliver a smooth, quiet, and efficient braking experience. It features the following:

  • STEALTH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Virtually eliminates noise and vibration for whisper-quiet operation and noticeably less dust.
  • CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY: Latest friction technology for improved stopping performance, low dust, low rotor wear, and enhanced durability.
  • BLUE TITANIUM STRIPE: Provides sure stopping right out of the box with no bedding-in required, offering instant pedal feel from the first stop.
  • FIBRE IMPREGNATED RUBBER STEEL SHIMS: Featuring Noise Absorbing Shims for reduced transmission of vibration and noise during extreme braking.
  • DESIGNED FOR PASSENGER VEHICLES: Specifically suited for general purpose usage, providing a more consistent pedal feel.
  • WIDE RANGE: With more than 500 references available, it covers the majority of Light, Small, Medium, and Large vehicles.
  • OE LOGBOOK SERVICING: Suitable for logbook servicing if installed by qualified staff to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.

This Bendix General CT Brake Pad is suitable for various vehicle models such as Honda City 1.2, Toyota HiAce, LiteAce, and Tarago, among others. It is designed to meet the braking needs of a wide range of vehicles, ensuring a reliable and consistent performance.

Fitment information
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1999 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1998 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1997 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1996 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1995 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1994 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1993 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1992 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1991 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1990 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1989 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1988 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1987 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1986 2.0L l4
  • Daihatsu Delta Wide 1985 2.0L l4
  • Honda City 1986 1.2L l4
  • Honda City 1985 1.2L l4
  • Honda City 1984 1.2L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1989 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1988 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1987 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1986 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1985 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1984 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1983 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Hiace 1982 2.0L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1992 1.8L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1992 2.0L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1991 1.5L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1991 1.8L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1991 2.0L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1990 1.5L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1990 1.8L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1990 2.0L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1989 1.5L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1989 1.8L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1989 2.0L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1988 1.5L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1988 1.8L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1988 2.0L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1987 1.5L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1987 1.8L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1986 1.5L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1986 1.8L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1985 1.8L l4
  • Toyota LiteAce 1984 1.8L l4
  • Toyota Model-F 1990 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Model-F 1989 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Model-F 1988 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Model-F 1988 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Model-F 1987 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Model-F 1987 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Model-F 1986 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Model-F 1986 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Model-F 1985 2.0L l4
  • Toyota Model-F 1985 2.2L l4
  • Toyota Model-F 1984 2.0L l4

III H50, III H60, III H70, M30, R20, R30, VF, YB

Chassis numbers

CM3*, CM36, CM36*V, KM31*V, KM36*V, VF*, YB*, YH51, YH52, YH61, YH62, YH71, YM21, YM30, YM35, YR2*, YR21, YR22LG, YR31LG

Engine codes

1C, 2C, 2Y, 3Y, 3Y-C, 4Y-EC, 5K, ER4

Body types
  • Bus
  • Cab & Chassis
  • Cargo Van