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Shipping Australia Wide

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Bremtec 302.9mm Trade-Line Disc Brake Rotor Pair BDR505TL

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by Bremtec

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Bremtec 302.9mm Trade-Line Disc Brake Rotor Pair BDR505TL

The Bremtec Trade-Line Disc Brake Rotor Pair is engineered with the highest precision, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Perfect for Ford models, these rotors undergo a unique machining process to deliver exceptional quality and reliability.

  • Diameter: 302.9mm
  • Unique three-stage machining process for minimal runout and DTV
  • GeoZinc coating to prevent rust corrosion

Vehicle Compatibility:

  • Ford Performance Vehicles Falcon 4.0 BA TYPHOON 2004-2006
  • Ford Performance Vehicles Falcon 5.4 BA PURSUIT 2003-2005
  • Ford Fairlane 4.0 BA/BF MPFi 2003-2007
  • Ford Fairmont 4.0 BA/BF i/LPG 2002-2008
  • Ford Falcon 2.0/4.0/5.4 BA/BF/FG/FG X 2002-2016 (Various models)
  • Ford LTD 5.4 BA/BF V8 2003-2007

Why Buy This Product?

Choosing Bremtec's Trade-Line Disc Brake Rotors means investing in precision, quality, and durability. With advanced machining processes and anti-rust coating, these rotors offer unmatched performance, making your driving experience safer and smoother.