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CTEK M25 12V 25A Marine Battery Charger

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The CTEK M25 Marine Battery Charger is a compact yet powerful charger for larger marine batteries, able to withstand tough conditions with its rugged design. It quickly and effectively charges larger service batteries, outputting up to 25A for quick charging purposes.

Beyond this, its Recond mode allows for the restoration of dead and deeply discharged Wet and Calcium batteries, slowly reviving depleted batteries. It also features specialised modes specifically for lithium batteries and comes with a 4m long cable (with M10 eyelets) to ensure that whatever your battery and wherever you want it installed, the CTEK M25 will have you covered.

- Normal, Recond & Lithium modes for all applications
- Compact design, IP Class IP44
- AGM Program for AGM batteries
- Fully automatic & easy to use


Part No. M25
Brand CTEK
Unit of Measure EACH
Description 25A 12V Marine Battery Charger
Warranty 2Y
Power Rating (Amp) 25
Voltage 12
Charger / Analyser Type Charger
Environmental IP44
Charger Type Multi-stage
Ideal Battery Types Lead Acid, Wet, MF, AGM, Gel, Ca/Ca, EFB, Lithium (LifePO4)
Input Voltage 240VAC