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Experience Unmatched Power with Cummins Diesel 4B3.9 80 HP/60 kW Power Pack - Your Reliable Power Solution in Australia

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by Cummins
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Unleash the power of the Cummins Diesel 4B3.9 80 HP/60 kW Power Pack, your one-stop solution for pumping stations and other heavy-duty applications. Known for its exceptional reliability and high-quality components, this power pack stands tall among generators in Australia. Let's delve into its features, guaranteeing unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Outstanding Features for Superior Performance

The Cummins Diesel 4B3.9 80 HP/60 kW Power Pack is your ticket to a smooth, uninterrupted power supply:

  • Powerful Performance: Boasting an intermittent rating of 80 HP/60 kW @2800 rpm and a continuous rating of 60 HP/45 kW @2200 rpm, this power pack ensures reliable performance.

  • Comprehensive Package: The power pack comes complete with a radiator, air cleaner, starter motor, DC alternator, wiring harness, and more for a hassle-free setup.

  • One-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a one-year warranty, ensuring the reliability of your investment.

  • Optional Add-Ons: Customize your power pack with optional extras like a skid base, fuel tank base, and key start panel to meet your specific requirements.

A Reliable Power Solution for Various Applications

Perfectly suited for heavy-duty applications, the Cummins Diesel 4B3.9 Power Pack is a top choice among portable generators and generators for caravans:

  • Heavy-Duty Applications: Its robust design and high power output make it the ideal solution for pumping stations and other demanding applications.

  • Portability: Its compact and efficient design makes it a reliable choice among generators for caravans.


Whether you're searching for generators for sale or specifically looking for sturdy portable generators, the Cummins Diesel 4B3.9 80 HP/60 kW Power Pack is your ultimate choice. Its combination of powerful performance, comprehensive package, and optional customization makes it a standout among generators Australia has to offer. So why wait? Power up your applications with Cummins and experience the difference today.