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Shipping Australia Wide

GME 406Mhz GPS ERIRB Manual-Activated Emergency Position Beacon

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Never compromise your safety with the GME 406Mhz GPS ERIRB Manual-Activated Emergency Position Beacon. Designed for adventurers and professionals alike, this reliable beacon ensures you're always locatable in case of an emergency, no matter where you are.

  • Highly Accurate GPS: Built-in GPS for pinpoint location accuracy, ensuring rapid response times during emergencies.
  • Manual Activation: Easily activate the beacon manually when you need it most, providing peace of mind during your outdoor adventures.
  • Durable Construction: Engineered to withstand harsh conditions, including water, impact, and extreme temperatures, making it your go-to safety device.

Why buy this product?

As one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of quality radio communications products, GME offers a robust network of authorised dealers and service agents globally. The GME 406Mhz GPS ERIRB Emergency Position Beacon is an essential tool for anyone who values safety and reliability during remote travels, maritime activities, or in unpredictable environments. Trust in GME's heritage of excellence to keep you and your loved ones safe.