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Great Whites Attack 250mm LED Round Driving Light With Amber Light

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SKU GWR10224

Attack the night with market leading technology from Great Whites. The Great Whites Attack range out performs the Gen2 range of equivalent size, is lighter and built to last anything you or the Australian environment can throw at it.

The Great Whites Attack 250 Series is developed for use on trucks, long haul transport and fleets with its size designed to suit larger vehicles. Anything smaller than 220mm is lost on massive Kenworth, Mack and Volvo trucks and to get excellent light output requires multiple lights.

The Great White Attack 250 Series includes an integrated amber LED for adverse weather conditions such as fog and dust. Not only does the light bar in the lower section of the light turn amber, so do two of the directional LEDs beside it. This allows for amber light to be projected forward and to the peripherals in conjunction with the white LEDs. This amber feature is wired to a separate switch so it is only used when required.