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Shipping Australia Wide

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Heavy Duty Brake Pad DB1134HD by Bendix

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by Bendix

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Bendix Heavy Duty Brake Pad DB1134HD is a multi-purpose brake pad designed for working vehicles, towing, and other heavy-duty applications. This brake pad is engineered to last up to twice as long as standard brake pads in demanding conditions, such as high temperatures and heavy workloads.

Key Features:

  • Unique Blues Titanium Stripe for instant positive pedal feel
  • Exclusive insulation layer for cooler braking and extended pad life


Working Harder: Ideal for vehicles carrying heavy loads, frequent stop-start driving, and towing, providing heavy-duty performance and durability.

Working Longer: Formulated for long-lasting performance without being harsh on rotors, ensuring extended pad life and economic benefits.

Working Cooler: Features an exclusive insulation layer that minimizes heat transfer, prevents brake fluid from boiling, and ensures a positive pedal feel even at high temperatures.


Suitable for various Suzuki Vitara and X-90 models, including:

  • Suzuki Vitara 1.6 TA,ET Cabrio (SE 416) 1990-1993
  • Suzuki Vitara 1.6 TA,ET SUV All-wheel Drive (TA, TA01, SE416) 1988-1995
  • Suzuki Vitara 2.0 TA,ET Cabrio 16V (TA51, SV420) 1997-2000
  • Suzuki X-90 1.6 EL i 16V 4x4 (SZ416) 1996-1997

Fitment information
  • Suzuki Vitara 1999 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki Vitara 1998 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki Vitara 1997 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki Vitara 1996 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki Vitara 1995 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki Vitara 1994 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki Vitara 1993 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki Vitara 1992 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki Vitara 1991 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki Vitara 1990 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki Vitara 1989 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki Vitara 1988 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki X-90 1997 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki X-90 1996 1.6L l4
  • Suzuki X-90 1995 1.6L l4


Chassis numbers

SE416, SZ416, TA01, TA02

Engine codes

G16A, G16B

Body types
  • SUV