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Narva H16 12V 19W Halogen Headlight Globes for Vehicle Headlight Upgrade

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by Narva
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Upgrade your vehicle's headlights with the Narva Halogen Headlight Globes. Designed for a range of vehicles including Hilux, Rav4, and Corolla, these globes are ideal for replacing EO globes, offering a long globe life and reliable performance.

Key Features:

  • H16 Fitting: Perfect fit for a variety of vehicles
  • 12V, 19W: Provides optimal brightness while being energy efficient
  • Pgj19-3 Model Number 48098: Ensures compatibility and quality
  • Long Globe Life: Enjoy extended use without frequent replacements
  • Compatible with Selected Vehicles: Ideal for Hilux, Rav4, and Corolla

Elevate your driving experience with improved visibility and a dependable lighting solution. Trust Narva for superior performance and reliability.