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Projecta Solar Charge Remote Control

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Projecta Solar Charge Remote Control, 1 Year-Warranty. Maintain your power system from a convenient location and maximise your battery life and performance by customising the charge settings to best suit your battery.


  • Multi-chemistry: 

     Set the charging profile to suit battery chemistry type: Wet, AGM or Gel, or user settings
  • Battery size: Set the battery size (Ah) to ensure power calculations are accurate
  • Customisable settings: Total user control enables low voltage disconnect set points, charge rate control and more
  • Recall data: Recall daily and monthly power usage levels, charge rate and battery charge level information

Projecta Solar Charge Remote Control, 1 Year Warranty

Brands Projecta
Product Category Accessories
Product Type Solar Charge Controller
Dimensions (WxHxL mm) 114 x 114 x 32.7
Input Voltage 12V
Battery 12V
Manufacturers Warranty 1 Year
NOTE To suit Projecta Fixed Solar Panel