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REDARC 12V 6A Voltage Stabiliser

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SKU VI72D-12

The VID series voltage stabilisers provide a stable 12 volt nominal output from either a 12 volt or 24 volt input (12 volt only for VI72D-12). VID units are designed for low current applications where the loads may be sensitive to voltage fluctuations.
The VID units are perfect for running camera systems and communication equipment in mobile installations but can also be used in a range of other applications, such as computers and test equipment.


  • Compact size
  • Fully encapsulated Ignition-controlled output
  • Less than 150μA standby current
  • Highly efficient switch mode design
  • Wide input range - 9 to 20 volts


  • Protects voltage-sensitive equipment
  • Small enough to install in tight spaces
Output System Voltage 12VDC
Output Current Rating (Cont.) 6A
Input Fuse Rating 7.5A
Output Fuse Rating 7.5A
Warranty 2 Years
Standby Current Draw 150uA
Input (Operating) Voltage 9 - 20VDC
Length (mm) 80
Width (mm) 60
Height (mm) 20
Weight (kg) 0.2