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Shipping Australia wide.

REDARC 30A Showroom Charger

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    REDARC Showroom Charger Instruction Manual

The 30 amp Showroom Charger by DEFA is an AC to DC portable battery charger that has been designed to automatically charge and maintain 12V automotive batteries.

The Showroom Charger is designed for long-term battery maintenance charging, providing fast battery charge when you need. It is ideal for use in vehicle showrooms, or at home connected to infrequently used vehicles, caravans, boats and RV's.

It has been designed to charge Lead Acid, AGM, EFB and GEL batteries up to approximately 250Ah and can maintain battery charge continuously. The Showroom Charger is based on modern switch-mode technology and galvanic isolation.


Easy to use battery maintenance charger

Looking for an intelligent AC to DC battery charger? The Showroom Charger by DEFA is so simple to use all you have to do is connect the charging clips to the battery, connect to a power outlet and push the ON button.



  • Includes charger and cables         
  • Simple one-button solution and user-friendly display interface
  • Battery status monitoring in the display
  • Optimal 7-step charging profile
  • Secured against short circuits and reverse polarity
  • Discreet black anodised aluminium design
AC Input 220-240V~ 50-60Hz 560W
DC Output Range 2.0-14.4V
Maximum Output Current 32.0A at 14.4V
Battery Types Supported 12V Lead Acid including AGM, EFB and Gel
Operating Temperature -20°C to +40°C
Cooling Convection
Weight (Without Cable) 1.7kg
Dimensions 227 x 125 x 62mm
IP Class IP40
Warranty 2 Years