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Micks Gone Bush

Redarc Enhanced Lighting Controller

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The REDARC Enhanced Lighting Controller is designed to enhance the lighting of your REDARC gauge. It is to be used when you do not have a dimming circuit to connect your gauge to or the dimming circuit in your vehicle does not dim the REDARC gauge to your liking.

The GA-ELC also allows you to program nighttime brightness and colour of your REDARC gauges, including dimming if connected to a dash dimmer. Once programmed your gauges will change colour when turning on your park lights and back to a daylight colour when you turn them off.

The GA-ELC is also 24 volt capable. Only one is required for a set of gauges.

Warranty 2 Years
Input (Operating) Voltage 6 - 16V
Length (mm) 51
Width (mm) 46
Height (mm) 25
Weight (kg) 0.053