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Ultimate Brake Pad for High Performance Vehicles - Bendix DB1722ULT

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by Bendix

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The Bendix Ultimate Brake Pad is designed for high performance stopping, providing supreme braking confidence for sports, performance, and prestige vehicles at freeway speeds and beyond. With exceptional high temperature wear and fade resistance, as well as exceptional cold performance, these brake pads offer unparalleled performance across a range of braking conditions.

Key Features:

  • High friction and high temperature tolerance
  • Significantly shorter stopping distances
  • Resistance to brake fade at high temperatures
  • Excellent pedal feel ideal for energetic driving styles
  • Tested using High Performance Certification (HPC) for reduced stopping distances and tolerance of extreme temperatures
  • Noise absorbing shims for vibration and noise reduction during braking

The Bendix Ultimate Brake Pad is recommended for fitment to both front and rear wheels to maintain balanced driving, making it suitable for sports, performance, and prestige vehicles. Tested against leading brake pads from around the world, the Ultimate consistently delivers solid pedal feel and minimal fade under all conditions.

Suitable for the following vehicle models:

(Please check Compatible Vehicles tab for more in-depth fitment information)

  • Subaru Forester 2.0 SJ D AWD 2013-2018
  • Subaru Forester 2.5 SG AWD 2002-2005
  • Subaru Outback 2010 2.5L H4
  • Subaru Tribeca 2006 3.0L H6

Compatible with Series B9, IV BL, IV BP, IV BR chassis numbers and various body types including sedan, SUV, and wagon.

Fitment information
  • Subaru Legacy 2009 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Legacy 2008 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Legacy 2007 2.0L H4
  • Subaru Legacy 2007 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Legacy 2006 2.0L H4
  • Subaru Legacy 2006 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Legacy 2005 2.0L H4
  • Subaru Legacy 2005 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Legacy 2004 2.0L H4
  • Subaru Legacy 2004 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Legacy 2003 2.0L H4
  • Subaru Legacy 2003 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Liberty 2009 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Liberty 2008 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Liberty 2007 2.0L H4
  • Subaru Liberty 2007 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Liberty 2006 2.0L H4
  • Subaru Liberty 2006 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Liberty 2005 2.0L H4
  • Subaru Liberty 2005 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Liberty 2004 2.0L H4
  • Subaru Liberty 2004 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Liberty 2003 2.0L H4
  • Subaru Liberty 2003 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Outback 2014 2.5L H4
  • Subaru Outback 2013 2.5L H4
  • Subaru Outback 2012 2.5L H4
  • Subaru Outback 2011 2.5L H4
  • Subaru Outback 2010 2.5L H4
  • Subaru Outback 2009 2.5L H4
  • Subaru Tribeca 2007 3.0L H6
  • Subaru Tribeca 2006 3.0L H6


Chassis numbers


Engine codes

EJ202, EJ204, EJ20X, EJ253, EZ30R, FB25A

Body types
  • Sedan
  • SUV
  • Wagon