“Roothy” Over more than 20 years of tough off-road driving all over Australia, I have tried out all kinds of dual battery and charging systems in my trucks, but sooner or later they all packed up which is why I normally just use a boat isolator switch and no DC/DC chargers. But after my mate Ben from REDARC Electronics​ got in touch, he convinced me to bring Milo 2 into the 21st Century and install a state of the art power system. The REDARC gear has one major advantage in that much of it is made right here in Australia. The 30 Amp Battery Management System that Ben recommended is a really well built and clever piece of kit, not only does it handle the usual DC/DC charging of the auxiliary battery, but it also has a built-in AC/DC charger and handles solar input as well. Combine the BMS with the 1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter and a 190W Solar Blanket and Milo 2’s power needs are well and truly sorted. With such good gear, it made sense to let my mate Rich from Smart Automotive Solutions​ work his magic on the install, and as usual, he did an awesome job, in fact, he tucked away all of the electronics so all you can see is the remote management system!