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30 Dual Colour LED Lightbar with Driving Beam

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Enhance your driving experience with the 30" Dual Colour LED Lightbar, designed to provide powerful illumination and versatility on the road. With a combination of driving beam and dual-color functionality, this lightbar is a game-changer for any vehicle.

Main Features:

  • 27 LED Lights: The lightbar is equipped with 27 high-quality LEDs to ensure maximum brightness and efficiency.
  • Wide Voltage Range: With a voltage range of 9-36V and 216W power, this lightbar is compatible with a variety of vehicles and can handle different power inputs.
  • Impressive Luminosity: Producing 15,000 lumens in white and 7,200 lumens in amber, this lightbar offers exceptional brightness, providing clear visibility in various driving conditions.
  • Long-Distance Reach: With 1 Lux reaching up to 595m in white and 361m in amber, the lightbar ensures far-reaching illumination, offering enhanced safety during night drives.
  • Dual-Color Temperature: Featuring 6,000K in white and 3,200K in amber, the lightbar allows you to switch between colors based on your specific lighting needs.
  • Optimal Length: Measuring 763mm in length, the lightbar provides ample coverage while remaining sleek and unobtrusive.

Elevate your vehicle's lighting setup with the 30" Dual Colour LED Lightbar, offering exceptional functionality, reliability, and style. Whether you're navigating dark trails or enhancing your vehicle's visibility, this lightbar is the perfect companion for your adventures.