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4" Round Led Worklamp

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by Ignite
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4" Round LED Worklamp

Introducing our 4" Round LED Worklamp: an illuminating fusion of technology and convenience. Engineered to deliver bright and consistent lighting, this high-powered LED worklamp is ideal for various applications - whether you're working on a project at home or on a job site.

  • Equipped with 36 high-intensity LEDs, this 4" round worklamp yields an impressive output of 3,600 lumens to illuminate your workspace.
  • With a power rating of 36 watts, it balances energy efficiency and superior lighting performance.
  • The worklamp features a flood beam with a 60° spread, providing wide-angle lighting to cover a larger area.
  • It can operate within a wide voltage range of 9-36V, making it incredibly versatile and suitable for diverse environments and conditions.
  • Measuring just 110 x 132 x 47mm, this compact yet powerful worklamp can fit in tight spaces, ensuring that size doesn't limit its functionality.
  • Rated as IP68, it offers maximum protection against dust and water, ensuring a longer product lifespan even in tough weather conditions.

Experience efficient, reliable, and bright lighting with the 4" Round LED Worklamp - elevating your work productivity to new heights!