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550kVA Cummins OzPower Diesel Generator: Reliable & Efficient Power Solution

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Introducing the 550kVA Cummins OzPower Diesel Generator

Optimized Performance and Reliability

Discover the unparalleled efficiency and robust power of the 550kVA Cummins OzPower Diesel Generator. This premier generator is engineered for optimal performance in standby and low-duty-cycle operations, ensuring a reliable power source when you need it most.

Key Features

  • Advanced Engineering: Incorporates Japanese and European design principles for top-tier performance.
  • Quality Alternators: Equipped with superior AC brushless alternators, providing excellent voltage regulation and low Total Harmonic Distortion.
  • Rigorous Testing: Each unit undergoes a thorough pre-delivery inspection by certified local technicians, including wiring checks, oil and coolant tests, and full functional and load assessments.

Product Specifications

  • Model: OZGPC500S
  • Engine: Cummins KTA19G4
  • Standby Power Output: 440 kW/550 kVA
  • Prime Power Output: 400 kW/500 kVA
  • Fuel Efficiency: 107 L at 100% load, 82 L at 75% load
  • Noise Level: 75 dB(A) at 7 meters
  • Dimensions: 465 x 160 x 226 cm
  • Weight: 5270 kg

Experience the unmatched power and dependability of the 550kVA Cummins OzPower Diesel Generator, your go-to solution for standby and low-duty-cycle needs.