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7.5" SX Series Lightbar

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7.5" SX Series Lightbar

Illuminate your path with the powerful 7.5" SX Series Lightbar. This compact yet robust lightbar is designed to enhance visibility in challenging driving conditions, ensuring your safety on the road.

The SX Series Lightbar is packed with key features that make it stand out:

  • 4 LEDs Spot Beam: Equipped with four high-intensity LEDs, it casts a strong spot beam that penetrates deeply into the darkness, revealing obstacles and hazards from a distance.
  • 10? Beam Angle: The narrow 10-degree beam angle focuses the light output, ensuring maximum brightness at the center. Perfect for spotting details in the dark.
  • 9-36V Compatibility: With a broad voltage range from 9 to 36 volts, this lightbar is perfect for various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles.
  • 40W Power: Running at 40 watts, it produces a powerful light output without draining your battery quickly.
  • 4,140 Lumens: Boasting an impressive brightness of 4,140 lumens, it outshines many standard headlights, making your nighttime driving safer and more comfortable.
  • Compact Size: With a length of 190mm (7.5 inches), it is compact enough to be mounted on any part of your vehicle without being intrusive.

Upgrade your vehicle's lighting with the 7.5" SX Series Lightbar and experience the difference in nighttime visibility.