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7" Led Headlight 9-36v High/low Beam Black Fascia

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7" Led Headlight 9-36v High/Low Beam with Black Fascia

Illuminate your way with the powerful 7" Led Headlight. Built to work in a voltage range from 9 to 36 volts, this headlamp provides high functionality, versatility, and a robust performance.

This high-intensity headlight offers an impressive 65 Watt High Beam that delivers a raw lumens output of 3,900, and an effective lumens output of 3,315. Coupled with a Low Beam that projects 1,800 raw lumens or 1,530 effective lumens, this headlamp ensures excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. Both High and Low beams feature a color temperature of 6,500K, providing a bright, clear, and crisp light output that mimics natural daylight.

The 7" Led Headlight is not just about performance - it's also about durability. With its Lexan Polycarbonate Lens and Reflective Black Fascia, this headlamp is designed to withstand the rigors of the road. The polycarbonate lens offers high impact resistance, while the black fascia adds a sleek, modern touch to your vehicle.

Unique Selling Points:
  • Wide voltage range operation (9-36V), making it a versatile choice for various vehicles.
  • High output illumination with 65 Watt High Beam and Low Beam options for adaptable visibility.
  • Color temperature of 6,500K mimics natural daylight for comfortable and safe driving.
  • Robust construction with Lexan Polycarbonate Lens for durability and resilience.
  • Sleek black fascia adds aesthetic appeal to your vehicle.

Experience the blend of high performance, durability, and sleek design with the 7" Led Headlight 9-36v High/Low Beam with Black Fascia. Light up your path with clarity and style!