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Shipping Australia Wide

Charge Equaliser 24v To 12v 25a (switchmode, Bcdc

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by Redarc
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  • Efficient Functionality: The Charge Equaliser 24v To 12v 25a efficiently allows tapping of 12 volts from a 24-volt system.
  • Equal Charge Distribution: Ensures equal charging across both 24v batteries.
  • Switchmode BCDC: Incorporates switchmode technology for optimal performance.

Upgrade your electrical system with the REDARC 25A Charge Equaliser. This innovative device enables seamless extraction of 12 volts from the center of a dual 24-volt battery setup. Say goodbye to uneven charging as the equaliser guarantees a balanced charge distribution across both batteries. With the inclusion of switchmode technology, the BCDC functionality ensures efficient and reliable operation. Experience convenience and reliability like never before with the Charge Equaliser 24v To 12v 25a.