Solar Blanket 150 Watt REDARC


Solar Blanket 150 Watt REDARC. REDARC’s 150W Solar Blanket SunPower Cells® has been designed for portability and strength and feature no grid lines, a solid copper backing and thick connectors for higher efficiency. The unique design of SunPower® cells reduces cell failure from corrosion and breakage.

Using an anti-reflective scratch-resistant ETFE coating, the 150W SunPower® portable solar blanket features a high melting temperature, is UV resistant and has chemical and self-cleaning non-stick resistance properties, making this blanket highly reliable and efficient.

Designed to charge Automotive, Marine and Recreational Vehicle battery systems, the Solar Blanket 150 Watt REDARC  150W SunPower® blanket will provide extra battery charge to power 12-volt equipment. It is compact and lightweight, making it highly portable, easy to store and is about a third of the weight as an equivalent power glass folding panel.




Output Power 153.1W
Maximum Power Voltage 17.6
Maximum Power Current 8.7A
Open Circuit Voltage 21.1V
Short Circuit Current 9.3A
Length (mm) 1405
Width (mm) 930
Weight (kg) 6
Warranty 2 Years


Solar Blanket 150 Watt REDARC

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