Thunder 120 Watt Solar Panel


Thunder 120 Watt Solar Panel, 1-year warranty.

With the increasing popularity of free camping and the plethora of electronic gadgets being relied on during these getaways, constant, reliable and portable
power is more necessary than ever. Whilst generators have long since been the preferred option for providing off-grid power, their excessive weight and noise make
them an undesirable choice.

Advances in 12-volt technology and a preference towards greener solutions are driving generators to obsolescence. Most camping electronics can be run from a
the quality 12-volt system, and with the addition of a solar charging solution, batteries will be running for weeks without requiring a 240-volt boost.

The Thunder range of solar panels are made of high quality monocrystalline solar cells which provide maximum efficiency and longevity. Thunder solar panels ensure
you have a dependable source of power without occupying excessive space or polluting that peaceful camping experience with excess noise

Part No. TDR15003
Unit of Measure EACH
Description Thunder Solar Panel 120W
Warranty One Year
Depth / Thickness 35mm
Watts 120
Open Circuit Voltage 22.08
Regulator Type External
Short Circuit Current 7.5
Type Monocrystalline
Note Panel fitted with Anderson style connector
Weight 4kg
Width 680mm
Height 1130mm
Item Type TBC
Output Voltage 18.4
Features • Panel fitted with Anderson style connector
• Monocrystalline
• Open circuit voltage: 22.8V
• Short circuit current: 7.5A
• External regulator type
• Output voltage: 18.4V
• Dimensions: 1130 x 680 x 35mm
• Weight: 8.5kg

Thunder 120 Watt Solar Panel

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