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Shipping Australia Wide

Unleash Unrivalled Power with Baumr-AG 7HP DIESEL Stationary Engine - The Perfect Partner for Generators Australia

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Experience the embodiment of power, reliability and efficiency in the Baumr-AG 7HP DIESEL Stationary Engine. Engineered with purpose-built components, it's a one-stop solution for your tired machinery engines. Perfect for your generators, portable generators, generators for caravans, and a range of other equipment, this engine is designed to perform and built to last.

Unbeatable Performance and Efficiency

The Baumr-AG 7HP DIESEL Stationary Engine is your power partner, taking your machinery's performance to the next level. With a high power to displacement ratio, it's built to deliver:

  • Consistent Output: Ensures reliable performance day in and day out.

  • Fuel Efficiency: Maximises your operational efficiency, running longer on less fuel.

  • Low Oil Usage: Designed to prolong the life of your engine oil, extending service intervals.

  • Easy Installation: With its standard shaft and footprint, it's compatible with other engines on the market such as Briggs and Stratton and Honda.

Versatile Application

Unleash the full potential of the Baumr-AG 7HP DIESEL Stationary Engine across a wide range of applications:

  • Generators: The ideal heart for generators for caravans, portable generators, and other generators Australia depends on.

  • Water Pumps and Air Compressors: Ensures smooth and consistent operations.

  • Log Splitters and High-Pressure Cleaners: Powers your machinery for efficient and effortless work.

  • Go Karts and Other Equipment: Enhances the performance and fun of your domestic and commercial needs.

Built to Last

The Baumr-AG 7HP DIESEL Stationary Engine is not just one of the generators for sale. It's a powerhouse that's engineered to endure:

  • High-Grade Components: Manufactured to stringent standards, this engine is built for longevity.

  • Australian Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a domestic and commercial use warranty.

  • Comprehensive Parts and Service Support: We're here for the lifetime of your engine, offering consistent support.


Don't settle for less. Experience the power, efficiency, and reliability of the Baumr-AG 7HP DIESEL Stationary Engine. Whether you're looking for generators for sale or wish to rejuvenate your existing machinery, the Baumr-AG engine is your ultimate choice. Upgrade today and feel the power.