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Bendix Ultimate 330mm BR9608ULT High Performance Disc Brake Rotor (Single)

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by Bendix

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Bendix Ultimate Disc Brake Rotor is designed with OE expertise, cutting-edge technology, and precision engineering to deliver confident braking performance. With the latest in braking technology and manufacturing processes, these rotors offer unparalleled features:

  • High Carbon Metallurgy: Enhances brake performance, heat dissipation, and stopping power. It provides noise dampening characteristics and smoother braking feel, while its higher thermal conductivity removes heat faster, minimizing fade.
  • Diamond Tip Slot: Specifically designed slots and v-shaped dimples expel gasses, dirt, and water more efficiently, improving performance and reducing fade. The diamond tip increases pad bite and self-cleans for a great pedal feel and instant response.
  • SwiftFit Coating: A protective zinc coating that allows for faster, easier installation. It requires no cleaning before fitting, offers corrosion resistance with unlimited shelf life, and eliminates vibration caused by corrosion.

Bendix rotors are the perfect complement to the extensive Bendix brake pad range, providing the ultimate braking solution. These leading technologies, combined with Bendix's unparalleled experience and absolute quality assurance, ensure that Bendix brake disc rotors are ready for the demands of today's vehicles and beyond.

Fitment Information:

Vehicles: FPV GT 2005 5.4L V8, FPV GT 2004 5.4L V8, FPV GT 2003 5.4L V8

Series: BA Chassis numbers BA

Engine codes: Boss 290

Body types: Sedan

Fitment information
  • FPV GT 2005 5.4L V8
  • FPV GT 2004 5.4L V8
  • FPV GT 2003 5.4L V8


Chassis numbers


Engine codes

Boss 290

Body types
  • Sedan