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Shipping Australia Wide
A Bush Christmas Greeting from Mick's Gone Bush

A Bush Christmas Greeting from Mick's Gone Bush

As the festive season approaches and the year draws to a close, we at Mick's Gone Bush want to extend our warmest holiday greetings to all of our friends, family, and valued customers. It's been a remarkable year full of adventures, challenges, and unforgettable memories, and we couldn't have done it without your support and enthusiasm.

Merry Christmas!

Christmas in the Australian bush has a unique charm of its own. While the northern hemisphere is blanketed in snow, we celebrate our festive season under the blue skies, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the bush. It's a time of togetherness, relaxation, and enjoying the great outdoors.

In the spirit of the season, we've captured a little piece of this unique Christmas vibe - a snapshot of Santa's hat, casually draped over a fence post amidst the stunning Australian bush landscape. It's a simple yet powerful reminder of how our traditions blend with the natural beauty of our surroundings.


A Happy New Year!

As we celebrate this joyous season, we also look forward to the new year with hope and excitement. The new year is a time of new beginnings, fresh adventures, and endless possibilities. We're excited to share more adventures with you, bringing the best of the bush and beyond.

From all of us at Mick's Gone Bush, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May your holidays be filled with joy, laughter, and the warmth of loved ones. Stay safe, enjoy the festive season, and here's to many more adventures in the coming year!

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